Welcome to Alan Noonan’s Github Page

I’m interested in data projects ranging from statistical analysis, to GIS and visualization, to Natural Language Processing. Most of my work is in Python and R. If you find anything interesting here feel free to reach out.

Project List

Mapping Mining Towns in the American West

This project is based on research conducted for my book Mining Irish-American Lives. Within this book I detail locations throughout the American West, in particular the states of California, Nevada, Idaho, Colorado, Montana. I hope to develop an interactive plotly map with pop up details on the map locations and eventually to deploy that on my website.

For the first part of this project I decided to use folium, both for its ease of use and because the library does not require a dedicated key or license to create an interactive geospatial map. The trade off with using the folium library is there is less user flexibility than the more advanced google maps or GIS systems (QGIS or plotly). Folium does everything I need for this particular project at the moment, and I used it to host a beautiful, interactive map with photos and text attached to the geolocations linked to my project. It is accessible at hhtps://

Hospital Patient Log Book (19th Century)

I discovered several fascinating sources in the course of my research, one of which was a patient log book for a hospital in the late nineteenth century. I plan to explore this through a series of deep data dives and hopefully visutalize some interesting finds.

NLP Historical book

Natural Language Processing has received limited attention in the academic world of the humanities. I will be deploying several NLP techniques through NLTK libraries, amoungst others, in order to see what sort of utility can be found merging NLP and historical sources.